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What every person can do to save the ocean

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When Orlie Jedwab, President and owner of Key Transportation, decided to join the Marine Advisory Committee of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, she did so because she is passionate about protecting the environment and saving the ocean. Its goals of informing the community about conservation, sustainability and resiliency in relation to the marine…read more

Best Limo Service in Miami

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best limo service in miami
  Key Transportation Worldwide Services Chosen as Best Limo Service in Miami, FL   BOOK YOUR LIMO TODAY   Miami, FL, June 23, 2017 -- The Miami New Times has chosen Key Transportation of Miami, FL as the Best Limo Service in Miami, Fl for 2017.  Key Transportation focuses on providing Limousine Service and Group…read more

Art Basel Limousines – 11 Great Reasons to Ride in Style

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Got your finger on the pulse of the art world? Then you know Art Basel and related exhibitions in Miami is right around the corner. Art Basel in Miami runs from December 1-4 is an internationally famous art fair hosted in three different cities across the world (Miami Beach, Hong Kong, and Basel, Switzerland). Every…read more

The Personal Touch: Luxury Transportation Makes It All About You

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In the November 15 edition of the Miami Herald’s Business Monday section, columnist Allan Prindle hit the nail on the head with his view that In a digital age, one-on-one service remains relevant. As a runner, Prindle loves to use the Web to explore the latest and greatest gear. But when it comes to BUYING, nothing compares to the service and expertise he receives at his favorite boutique running store. We feel the same way when it comes to personalized and professional luxury car service.

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Miami New Times

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The best limo service in Miami was started by Orlie Jedwab, the daughter of a reputable business owner who ran a taxi service called Flamingo Taxi. She started off co-managing Flamingo with her father. In 2001 she launched Key Transportation service with two sedans, a van, and a bus. In present day, Jedwab heads the…read more

Miami Design District Blog

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Key Transportation World Wide Services (Keys) is heavily involved within the Miami Design District. Keys can provide services for those who have meetings, conventions, or business in the busy district scene. With Art Basel coming up Dec 5-8th Key Transportation would be perfect for ground transportation to the busy Miami Beach Convention center. Art Basel…read more

Miami Travel Professionals

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Key Transportation Worldwide Services is based on Miami, which is a huge commuter city. Over the past 10 years there has been a monumental increase of commuters who travel at least 90 mins to get to work. Lately, workers have been forced to move further from work, enduring longer commutes.  Luckily for these “supercommuters” they…read more

Miami Meeting Planners

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If you are looking to transport large groups of people and need to arrive in style, you can count on Key Transportation Worldwide Services. Key Transportation offers Sprinter Vans, Minibuses, and Motorcoaches for large groups. You don’t have to sacrifice luxury when you need to rent a van or minibus. We have vehicles that are…read more