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Message from CEO: When there’s a will there’s a way

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Message from CEO: When there’s a will there’s a way

Message from CEO: When there’s a will there’s a way 1894 1048 ali


When I read the New York Times article “A Bag of Chips And a Martini to Go” , it made me think, for the millionth time since March 5th (when we got our first job cancellation due to COVID 19), of how business owners are thinking “out of the box” to stay open.  Bars in New York that had to shut down are now selling martinis and negroni’s to go and the business is brisk.  Linden Pride, an owner of Dante’s in Greenwich Village said that after laying off 50 employees, he’s been able to hire back 10 for the to-go business.



Like most of our colleagues, we’ve experienced a tremendous and fast shut down.  We’re a bit down, but definitely not out.


We’ve used this time to register on government, hospital and medical supply websites and continue to look for contacts with Amazon, Fed Ex and UPS.  Port Everglades is experiencing a surge of 6 X more cargo with supplies that need to be delivered.  Key Transportation would be a perfect and dependable partner for any agencies to provide support for delivery routes and when there’s an overflow of work.  We have the vehicles, experienced drivers, insurance and a dispatch team.  Where there’s a will there’s a way!


To our very valued clients, if you have any “out of the box ” needs or know of companies that can use Key’s services in unconventional ways, we are open to any and all ideas.  We know there’s so much need out there, so we also want to offer our services whenever possible to non-profit organizations.  Maybe a pooch needs a ride to a loving foster home.

I plan on staying in touch, but right now, I’m heading to Tarpon River Brewery.  A cold beer “to go” sounds really good right about now (^:

**Please go to our homepage to read our COVID 19 safety measures to keep our most precious cargo “you” safe.

Be well, be safe


Orlie Jedwab CEO