Green Sustainability with Key Transportation Worldwide

Green Sustainability with Key Transportation Worldwide

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Green Sustainability with Key Transportation Worldwide

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Whenever you hear of the word ‘green’ or ‘sustainability’, what comes to mind? Perhaps a lovely picture of trees, or a picture of a nature park. That’s beautiful, but sustainability goes a bit more than that.

Green Sustainability involves everyone doing their best to ensure that we maintain our environment, so that we can enjoy it for years to come.

What is Green Sustainability?

As defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), sustainability in itself is based a simple principle. Everything that is needed for our survival and well-being depends directly or indirectly on the natural environment, and so sustainability means to create and maintain a system where we can exist in productive harmony with nature in such a way that the activities of both ours and the future generation are supported. It can also be explained as a state where the needs of the present human population can be met without necessarily hindering the ability of future generations in the same or different locations to meet their own needs.

Look at it this way, if you have a significant investment in an asset, you will probably want it to yield for you and meet your needs, while also ensuring that it lasts long enough to provide for your children, even long after you’re gone. That management process that you would employ to ensure that the asset survives that long, is similar to sustainability.

Why is Green Sustainability important?

Sustainability is important, firstly because environmental resources are common resources, that is, the air we breathe, or the water in the oceans from which do not consider such national boundaries. Mismanagement, and varying ideals in one location can cause harm in another, for example, cases of air pollution in the UK are often made worse by air masses from the European continent. Litter can last decades and move thousands of miles, causing untold damage along the way.

If we wish to enjoy a cleaner, safer and healthier world, we must begin to consciously make efforts as a community to manage our environmental resources well, reduce waste and recycle properly. Remembering that over-exploitation of the environment can have grave repercussions for not only us, but future generations. Certainly, green sustainability is a goal that all individuals, as well as corporate organizations should strive for. And no one understands this better than us at Key Transportation Worldwide.


Private Transportation Services – Key Transportation Worldwide


Who is Key Transportation Worldwide?


Key Transportation Worldwide Services is a luxury ground transportation service. Our highly experienced team provides seamless private car services from the moment you make a reservation, to the time you get delivered to your destination. With over 15 years of 1st-class service experience, providing sedans, minibus, Sprinter, SUV and motor coaches, it’s safe to say that we are perhaps one of the best in the business.


At Key Transportation Worldwide, we service all of our vehicles with Boxed Water, NOT plastic bottled water.


Our mission is quite simple, to ensure that we leave the environment just as good as we left it, if not better. At Key Transportation Worldwide, not only do we provide flawless customer service to meet all your ground transportation needs in all major cities, but we are passionate about sustainability as an organization, and are constantly seeking ways to better manage and maintain the environment. As an example, we recently gave all our employees a stipend to purchase reusable and renewable cups, bowls, plates and other utensils, and to use paper products as a last resort.

This is all part of a holistic and wholesome approach to green sustainability and environmental management.



How to promote green sustainability within your own community:

We believe that if each one of us does our part (no matter how small) to help maintain the environment, then a real lasting sustainable impact can be made.

We invite you to look around you for ways that you help make the environment more sustainable for everyone involved. And in case you have no idea how to go about it, here are a few ideas that you can implement.


As simple as it seems, recycling is still one of the best things that you can do embrace sustainability. By purchasing products made with recycled products, as well personally recycling, you are doing a lot to help keep the environment sustainable. Recycling helps reduce pressure on mining and depletion of raw materials. Things like fuel, and other costs associated with extraction, processing and transporting raw mineral resources are eliminated. So, ensure that you try your possible best to recycle.


Make Better Choices

In your daily life, try to ensure that sustainability plays a role in your purchasing choices. Look for products that are made in a sustainable way. Take a look at how a product is made, how does the company operate, are their products labelled as eco-friendly, do they talk about sustainability and the environment in their processes and procedures?  You can also look into choosing a waste disposal company that is actively involved in recycling, rather than one that just dumps waste in a landfill. By patronizing companies that employ sustainable methods in their production, you are lending your support to creating a better and safer environment for all.

Grow Your Own Garden

As a rule of thumb, food sold in stores have gone through an extensive process that includes processing, storing, packaging and transportation. That process in itself leaves a considerable carbon footprint, but you can hep reduce that by keeping a garden. Growing your own veggies is a great option, as you do can use your kitchen waste as fertilizer, and you are not using any chemicals or pesticides that are harmful to the environment.

Reduce Energy Usage

Conserving energy is a great way to also help promote sustainability, as an added advantage, you also get to save more on your utility bills. And it starts from really simple things, like unplugging your appliances when not in use, turning off the air-conditioning when leaving the room, turn off the lights when not in use. These things, though insignificant can add up really quickly and help reduce environmental footprints, on a larger scale, you get to reduce global impact and carbon footprints.


There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan



If we all come together and do what we can to help maintain environment sustainably, the efforts become positive as a whole. We get to live healthier, richer lives as well as providing a great environment for future generations. With more consciousness and intentional actions about how we interact with the environment develops into a greater change than we could all imagine.

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